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HV partners with the NATIONAL idic 15 SYNDROME ASSOCIATION.


The II Gala Sonrisas Solidarias (Solidarity Smiles Gala) was held last Sunday, February 24, in Peñaranda de Bracamonte, Salamanca, to raise research funds for the rare disease, Isodicentric 15, caused by a duplication or alteration of chromosome 15, for which there is currently no available treatment.


Children affected by this disease can develop several types of disorders, for example: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Attention Deficit Disorder Associated with Hyperactivity (ADHD), motor disturbance that affects balance and coordination, low muscle tone, intellectual deficit and learning limitations, hiccups, hypertonia and epilepsy.

Among the different performances at the gala, was a starring one from the leading comedian and monologuist, Alex Clavero, who received a huge ovation from the large audience packing the theatre at the Sociocultural Development Centre.

The ex-national and Salamanca football coach, Vicente del Bosque, was also present. He was responsible for one of the numerous touching moments at the gala, which was a well-deserved homage to Enrique “Quini” Castro, a former player and football coach, who was patron of the IDIC 15 association until his sudden death.

This recognition by Del Bosque played a prominent role at the event.

And present once again was María, affected by this rare disease and daughter of our colleague, Juan Luis, who works in our factory in Arévalo, Ávila.

Also, Harinera Vilafranquina continued to play its part, by contributing to the Idic 15 research programme at Valencia University.

From here, we would like to offer all our best wishes to all children affected by this rare disease, as well as our support for their families in the continuing efforts they make in integrating their children.

For more information, see the website www.idic15q.com

Finally, as homage to all the people and families fighting against the Idic 15 syndrome, we recommend you watch the following documentary; without doubt a splendid, emotional, warm and moving video! https://vimeo.com/317795221